Wir funktionieren gut in Deutscher und Englischer Sprache und teilen gerne unser Wissen über ausdrucksvolles Filmen.
Um ein Projekt zu besprechen gibt es eine schnelle eMail-Adresse:
info “at” Lumino “punkt” city und unsere KONTAKT-Seite.
Weiter unten gibt es ein paar Arbeitsproben zu sehen.


We speak English und Deutsch fluently, and also share our
knowledge about how you can make videos that will look great.
To set up a talk about your project, find our contact page HERE.
Or use this quick email address: info “at” lumino “dot” city
Below here you find examples of our work.

first of three videos for singer Claudia V (cameras, light, edit)

Project during a Pandemic (script, cameras, music, mix, edit, cut)
Work with director and producer (2nd cam, audio post, post, translation and cc)
Having fun with a good friend, and an analogue stabilizer (Camera, steady-cam, cut)
A quick shoot of a bike brand (Cameras, cut, music, and talent)
A shoot for a fine bar (credits for camera, direction and edit)
A commercial for a guitar product (credtis for camera, co-direction, edit)
A timelapse of a music installation
super wide lenses and steady-cam, to capture the feel of the location
wide angle action cam, 35mm still and 85mm on fluid head w/focus pull
A shoot for a lovely resto (pre sound) (credits for camera, direction and edit)
One of the clips that started it all, a tutorial (credits for sound, camera, light, post)

– video production –